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September in February

Phew. This week has been super tiring. Grades were due and the semester changed so this week is like September all over again for me. Print out syllabi, go over expectations and policies, set seating charts and basically get to know a brand new set of 150 names and faces! In a way its a great opportunity to recharge mid year, and revisit the curriculum and refine it. BUT it can be tiring too and you never know what these impressionable freshman will come into your class with after a half a year of high school under their belt with a different teacher. I am super excited though to meet them and find out who among them is ready, eager, and willing to be a media maker!

Here I go again on my own

(Yes the title is a White Snake reference – in honor of the PATS)

I attended the first of 2 classes at Harvard this week to mark the kickoff of semester #2. Tuesday’s Human Development class looks like it will be extremely interesting – the 2 profs are engaging and extremely knowledgeable. The only down side is that it starts at 7:30 pm! Makes for a loooong day. And the very next evening is the ProSeminar in which I will be refining my thesis topic and diving in deeper to the literature review. I am excited but weary, as I find more and more of my energy and time and money is being poured into my professional life, with little left for the personal. The apartment hunt is put on hold, the spa vacation remains a travelocity bookmark, and my view of the gym seems to be more of my monthly statement these days. I promised myself (and that Guy upstairs) that I’d take better care of myself this year in my “new age” bracket, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank! Keep on keepin on. I’m just one of those people (schmucks?!) who believes that hard work, sincerity, and passion will pay off some day.

“Things been a little tight, but I know they’re gonna turn my way.”
- the boss